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  • Highest order encryption: AES-256
  • Non screen recordable platform
  • 40% - 80% file size optimization
  • HQ audio & video in low bandwidth

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Video Conference Toolset

A holistic channel with highest order encryption standard for unique content creators. We ensure that no content ever gets recorded, replicated or reused without permission even while reaching to the ends of the world. A ready to use plug and play solution.

Vadati Video Optimizer

Remove unwanted camera shaking, human distortions, or improve quality and color of the video. We are able to achieve all of the above while reducing the size to enable faster uploads and downloads for low latency streaming. Our SDKs will sit on top of your s/w to perform this magic.

Collaboration Platform

A platform with military grade security protocols to ensure that the shared content is non recordable and is playable only on Vadati's app. A whitelabeled product that you can assign your name and we'll act as a tech-support for any technical guidance to your customers.

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Hardware Acceleration

Ready to use small libraries, minimal setup required!

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Put a video of any format and use end to end!

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As always, with minimal lines you could incorporate demo functionalities!

Fully Secure

All the layers of communication channel has been encrypted!

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